Attend IHSAA leadership conference. Mark DeLeeuw, Seth Kauffman, Chelsea Noble, Jesse Ramer, Jenae Rupp, Luke Slagel, Casey Snyder, Jordan Weaver, Sharisse Yoder, along with athletic director Bryan Kehr attended the June 17 IHSAA Leadership Conference at Carmel High School. Keynote speaker, Harvey Alston, opened the conference with dynamic storytelling and encouraged everyone to be "HAPPY." He suggested that the keys to being happy include: doing things with all your HEART, having a posititve ATTITUDE, taking PRIDE in what you do, connecting with PEOPLE, and taking responsibility for YOURSELF.

"The speakers gave us student athletes good suggestions on what we can do to improve our teams," said junior Seth Kauffman.

During the day there were 42 breakout sessions available for students and adults to attend. Some, such as "How to Develop a Leadership program" at your school were geared for athletic administrators. Some sessions were sport specifice such as: "Skills to Lead a Volleyball program" led by Jean Kesterson and "What it takes to be a captain - soccer" led by Jerry Little. Other topics included: "Developing Your Winning Mindset," led by Ellyn Ludden; "Calling all Captains to Instant Challenges," led by Mary Jones; "ImPACT: The Use of Computers in Managing Concussions," and "Initiations, Hazing and Harrassment, a Proactive Approach."

Junior Jesse Ramer thought the breakout sessions provided interesting topics to choose from and "challenged us to step out of our comfort zone in order to become better leaders."

After lunch, Stephen Bargatze, a professional magician and comedian entertained the assembly with a great program of magic and comedy. He also shared his personal story of being a misfit in school and how damaging words and actions can be. He encouraged everyone to notice others in school and to realize how dangerous stereotypes can be, encouraging us to be positive members of our schools communities.

Bethany student athletes at the IHSAA Student Leadership ConferenceBethany student athletes at the IHSAA Student Leadership Conference