Attend IHSAA leadership conference.

Seniors Seth Kauffman, Mikey Kelly, Jesse Ramer, Kelly Snyder, junor Mandy Schlabach, and sophomore Malaina Weldy were among those nominated by coaches and athletic director Bryan Kehr to attend the June 23 IHSAA Leadership Conference in Indianapolis. These students heard from two inspirational keynote speakers, attended leadership and college preparation seminars, and had opportunity to interact with other student-athletes from across the state.

Leadership seminars focused on areas such as sportsmanship, mental preparation, conflict resolution, and building morale. Bethany's students, such as senior Seth Kauffman, found the seminars helpful because they gave him good ideas to bring back to teams at Bethany. For senior Kelly Snyder the seminar on mental magic was insightful in helping her realize how much of a mental game soccer could really be. Junior Mandy Schlabach says, "The seminar i enjoyed the most focused on how to be a leader year round, on and off the court, in and out of season."

Senior Jesse Ramer, who is also one of 18 students across Indiana on the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee, plans to work with Bryan Kehr on forming a Student Athletic Advisory Council for the school. He says, "This will help students learn to be better leaders and allow them to share ideas with other students."

Another highlight was interacting with other athletes from around the state. Sophomore Malaina Weldy says, "My favorite part was meeting new people. It was great to talk to them about school and sports. Hearing their stories and experiences gave me a new perspective."

Bryan Kehr, who attended the seminar with the students, riding back from the seminar and stopping to eat a meal together provided a valuable time to process the conference as a group and for him to hear their ideas of what can happen at Bethany.