Social Studies teacher Brent Reinhardt was named as Bethany Christian Schools' 2008-09 teacher-of-the year at the school's annual awards ceremony on Friday, May 22.

Teachers are nominated by parents and students based on seven criteria that include teaching excellence, community and church involvement, and expressing care for individual students. In nomiating Brent, one student commented, "by bringing interactive activities into almost every class, Brent keeps me intrigued and focused." And another echoed, "Brent gets us involved by doing simulations so we are experiencing what we’re learning about."

Other nominations noted that he is heavily involved in coaching and other extracurricular events, uses a vareity of media--doesn't just lecture in class, designs interesting classroom project to get students to think, starts each week with prayer and each class with a news event to help students become more aware of their world and connect it to their faith and life. One student said, "He’ll be teaching and then randomly just start talking about how we shouldn’t do drugs or bring up faith stuff. It’s really cool."