Variable Tuition at Bethany

Bethany Christian Schools is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience and an excellent value—and to be financially accessible to families in a wide range of circumstances. A generous community of donors keeps tuition costs lower for every student, and variable tuition further improves affordability.

What does variable tuition mean for your family? Variable Tuition means that families pay a wide range of tuition amounts out-of-pocket, depending on income, household size, and eligibility for scholarships, grants or discounts. With variable tuition, the family’s contribution to tuition is adjusted to families’ unique financial situations.

  2021-2022 Variable Tuition Ranges  
Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
Family pays from $1,600 to $12,800 Family pays from $1,800 to $17,300 Family pays from $1,950 to $17,650

Scholarships, Grants and Discounts

  • Indiana State School Choice Scholarships – These are based on household size and Adjusted Gross Income from the previous year’s tax return. More information is available at
  • Financial Aid Grants from Bethany – These are based on financial need as shown in the annual financial assessment that families complete in TADS (our third-party application evaluator). The TADS assessment includes household size, income, expenses (including housing, medical, dependent care, etc.), assets and debts, and other customized factors for households.
  • Pastors Grant – Children of pastors in local congregations may qualify for a Pastors Grant. Grant amounts vary based on the TADS financial assessment.
  • Tuition discount for siblings – 7.5% for the second child; 15% for the third or additional child(ren)
  • Tuition discount for employees of Goshen College or Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary – Up to 15% discount
  • Church contributions – Some congregations participate in the full partner Bethany plan or the partial partner Bethany plan. In these cases, all or part of the tuition is paid through the Bethany fund at the church. Other churches do not participate in the Bethany partner plan, but they provide a set dollar amount towards Bethany tuition to each student who qualifies from their congregation.


Tuition deposit: New families make a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $250 via TADS to reserve a place for their child. This deposit is applied toward the tuition owed.

Tuition includes all primary costs of education such as: all classes, all regular field trips, special activities during the school day, Interterm special classes and travel, rental/use of curricular materials including textbooks and laptops/Chromebooks for each student, printing at school needed for school assignments, instrument rental in grades 4-5, joining a sports team, joining most other regular co-curricular activities offered at Bethany.

Tuition does not include: school lunch, busing to and from school, yearbook, laptop/Chromebook annual insurance fee, school supplies, instrument rental in grades 6-12, high school concert choir trip, incidental costs for some co-curricular activities, high school AP class fees, high school Fish Fry commitments to help fund the senior class trip, t-shirts for school activities, international trips.

  Tuition Payment Plan Options  
Annual Payments Semester Payments Monthly Payments
  • Due by July 20.
  • 1.5% early payment discount if paid electronically via the TADS autopayment system.
  • 1.25% early payment discount if paid by cash or check to the school.
  • Due July 20 and Dec. 20.
  • No processing fee if paid electronically via the TADS autopayments system.
  • $20 manual processing fee if paid by cash or check to the school.
  • Payments start in June 2021 (or as soon as possible thereafter) and run through April 2022.
  • Electronic payments through the TADS autopayment system have a $50 annual processing fee.
  • Monthly payments are not accepted at the school and not accepted by cash or check (electronic autopayment only).

Additional Fees

Early withdrawal: The Continuous Enrollment Contract renews annually March 15 for the following school year unless the parent/guardian notifies a school administrator that the student will not return the following school year. After March 15, withdrawal fees are due according to the terms in the Continuous Enrollment Contract. The Contract is available in parents’ TADS accounts and at

Past due payments: Past due tuition payments incur a $35 late fee from TADS.  Past due accounts may be required to be placed on an auto-withdrawal payment plan in TADS.  Tuition accounts not paid in full by May 31 may be charged 2% per month until paid. Students with past due accounts may not be able to enroll at Bethany for the next school year. Accounts must be paid in full before transcripts are sent or diplomas are issued.  Account delinquencies that persist may be turned over to a third-party collection agency.

Returned checks and credit/debit card fees: Bethany will assess a $35 fee for any check or payment received at the school that is returned by our bank as Not Sufficient Funds. TADS will assess a $35 fee for any check or ACH payment in TADS that is returned as unsuccessful payment. TADS charges 3% processing fees for any payments by credit or debit card.  Credit or debit card payments are not accepted at the school due to processing fees from the credit card companies.