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2022 Middle School Interterm Descriptions


Interterm March 21-25, 2022



Meat - From Farm to Table

Peter Shetler


We will be learning about the cultural, environmental, health, and ethical issues around raising and eating animals. We will take a look at the “meat industry” from factory farms to small farms to backyard production. What would “responsible meat production” look like in our situation? Students will experience cutting up chicken, sheep, and pigs -- to see how it is done, where different cuts come from and how to use the whole animal. (Students will not be killing the animals.) We will process meat by brining, smoking, grilling and roasting, and will make sausage. There will be plenty of eating as well as a field trip to a commercial duck farm and a guest speaker who is a local sustainable beef farmer. 

Stress Busters

Stacey Farran


 Time to de-stress and take care of YOU! Come explore some ways you can reduce stress, including yoga, time outdoors, journaling, meditation, painting, and crafts. We’ll make candles, bath bombs, and stress putty, and visit some local parks and trails. Do you like to curl up with a good book, knit, or listen to music? In addition to organized activities, there will be time set aside for some of YOUR favorite de-stressors. By the end of the week, you'll have a nice collection of stress-busting ideas you can use when you feel your stress level rising.

Disc Golf

Jared Leaman


  • Learn to play the recreational sport that is sweeping the nation! 
  • Visit Michiana Pro Shop and pick out a disc to keep.
  • Play disc golf @ Mullet Park and participate in games and fun challenges on the Bethany campus.



Make. Eat. Repeat.

Juanita Hershberger


Do you enjoy making and tasting a variety of foods and beverages? If so, this interterm is for you! We will make breads, main entrees, and desserts as well as learn how to put together a charcuterie meal and dessert board. A daily tasting party will feature a variety of root beers, cheeses, and chocolates. Get ready to Make.Eat.Repeat.

You Can Play Ukulele

Benji Hurst


  • Get your own Kala Ukulele to keep. 
  • Learn how to play basic chords.
  • Learn to play along with songs.
  • Visit and tour  Sweetwater Music Store in Ft Wayne.

Let’s Get Crafty!

Katelyn Hochstetler


Want to spend time relaxing while being creative? Join me for a week of crafting! We will be making crafts from many different materials including wood, duct tape, cork, string and even chocolate!  I look forward to creating with you!

Board Game Geeks

Daniel Mast


Strategy and competitiveness without all the sweat  and moving around!

  • Card games
  • Cooperative games
  • Trading games
  • Worker placement games
  • World domination games

If you play lots of games and you want to play with your friends, or if you haven’t played many but are excited to learn, this interterm is for you. 


Intro to Metalwork: Jewelry Making

Caitlin Lanctot


Students will learn basic metalworking techniques used to create jewelry, such as sawing, stamping, chasing, fold-forming, and basic cold-connections. Each student will create earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets using these methods.


Local Service

Leon Bauman


Let’s visit several different spots right here in the Goshen area that are helping make our community a better place. We’ll learn what they are up to and lend a helping hand while we’re at it!

We will visit The Window and Chain Reaction Bicycle Project, and hopefully check out Loveway Therapeutic Equestrian Services, Church Community Services, Greencroft Senior Community, and

The Elkhart County Clubhouse.

Sports Card Investing 101

Hank Willems


The sports card and memorabilia market value is estimated to be $5.4 billion dollars annually!  Combining the popularity of sports with the prospect of making money has grown the card collecting industry from one that was primarily popular with children into one that is for serious investors around the world.  We will explore the history of card collecting, how to begin and grow a collection, decide what to invest in and learn how to buy and sell cards online.   A trip to a local sports card store will be one of the many highlights throughout the week!  Get your dad (or mom) to dig up their old card collection and let’s have some fun!

The Story of Star Wars

Matt Miller


Star Wars has been a cultural phenomenon for over 40 years now. In this Interterm, we will look into why this is true. What storytelling devices do these movies use? What ideals are they promoting? Why do they resonate with so many people? We'll watch some of the movies, shows, and even glance into the comics and books that make this world so immense! We may even get a chance to tell our own Star Wars story!