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Pastor's Day

Each year Bethany invites pastors to a special day in which for part of a day they shadow one of their youth who attends Bethany. This provides pastors an opportunity to relate to their youth in their own setting and learn more about Bethany. Pastors Day 2019 was on February 5. Above Pamela Yoder works with fifth graders learning about mode, mean, and median. Below Jen Shenk works with sixth grade phys ed students on a teamwork activity.

 Following is a typical schedule.


  9:50  Welcome and coffee in main entrance

10:10  Chapel begins in school auditorium

10:45  Class period 4

11:30  Lower school lunch or high school class

12:20  High school lunch

Noon hour: Optional building tour and brief intro to how Mennonite identity shapes our curriculum--group will form in cafeteria lobby.