I chose an expressionist style with this piece by not giving the person portrayed any facial features.

This is meant to symbolize primarily the tendency in the media to misrepresent people, especially people of color and reducing them to stereotypes, thus making them faceless; without character or identity; anonymous.

The red stripe was intentionally placed over the eyes to further show the ways that minorities are being misrepresented and not being seen for what or who they truly are.”

Peace Muhagachi
Art Purchase Award 2019

Every year Bethany Christian Schools selects a piece of art created by a student for purchase and display. The winning works are on display throughout the school. Listed below are the winners of the award since its inception in 1978.

Past Award Recipients

1978 Watercolor Terri Anne Stern Senior
1979 Copper Tooling Peggy Schrock Sophomore
1980 Eggshell Mosaic Peggy Schrock Junior
1981 Acrylic Painting Roz Brenneman Senior
1982 SandPainting Troy Risser Freshman
1983 Acrylic Painting Jerrol Shaum Junior
1984 Airbrush Jerrol Shaum Senior
1985 Copper Tooling Colleen Schleining Freshman
1986 Ink Drawing Sheila McElmurry Junior
1987 Acrylic Painting DawnHochstetler Senior
1988 Batik Gretchen Nyce Junior
1989 Ink Drawing Nina Bailey Freshman
1990 Linocut Cheryl Hochstetler Senior
1991 Copper Tooling Darryl Eichorn Senior
1993 Ceramic Vase Tammy Sawatzky Junior
1994 Acrylic Painting Sarah Kingsley Senior
1995 Midnight Flight Crystal Rogers Senior
1996 3-D Sculpture:
Jesus on the Cross
Ben Hartman Junior
1997 Steel Sculpture Greg Stahly Senior
1998 Charcoal Drawings Rachel Paulovich Senior
1999 Painting: Anne Frank Brenda Harley Senior
2000 Photography:
Photos of Hands
Renee Glick Senior
2001 Drawing Tony Ganger Senior
2002 Photograph Zac Albrecht Senior
2003 Study of Picasso's
"Old Man with a Guitar"
Sarah Roth Senior
2004 Drawing and Transfer Hannah Gerig Senior
2005 Pastel Drawing Adie Gerig Junior
2006 Charcoal Drawing Adie Gerig Senior
2007 Acrylic Painting Maggie Baldridge Senior
2008 Photograph Courtland Jones Sophomore
2009 Photo of two guitars Mary Roth Senior
2010 Photo of a horse Emma Gerig Senior
2011 Pencil drawing Shina Park Senior
2012 Photo: Diamond Rain Stacie Park Junior
2013 Raku Thrown Sculpture Maddie Gerig Senior
2014 Pastel Drawing Hanna Hochstetler Senior
2015 Charcoal Drawing Landon Weldy Senior
2016 Drawing & Photoshop Nathanael Eby Senior
2017 Acrylic Painting Megan Duckworth Senior
2018 Painting Anna Smucker Senior
2019 Painting Peace Muhagachi Junior