Academic, Achievement, and Service awards were among those awards given at Bethany Christian High School’s May 17 high school awards assembly.

Special Awards:

Carissa Mast received the Cup of Kindness Award for exhibiting exceptional kindness in helping other students to understand and learn, treating people with respect, and demonstrating a concern for those in need. In nominating Carissa, teachers said “she is unfailingly kind and considerate to all regardless of grade level, gender, clique or age. She will call out others when unkind things are said, without anything to gain when standing up for others.”

Art Purchase Award: Each year the school purchases a student art piece. Selected for this year’s art purchase award was junior Peace Muhagachi for her painting. She says, “I chose an expressionist style with this piece by not giving the person portrayed any facial features. This is meant to symbolize primarily the tendency in the media to misrepresent people, especially people of color and reducing them to stereotypes, thus making them faceless; without character or identity; anonymous. The red stripe was intentionally placed over the eyes to further show the ways that minorities are being misrepresented and not being seen for what or who they truly are." The original artwork will be displayed in the Bethany hallway, along with works of past art purchase awards.

Philip received the Marlin Miller Memorial Scholarship in recognition of a senior displaying gifts and strong interest in preparing for Christian leadership and service in the church. The scholarship was established by the graduating class of 1957 in memory of Marlin Miller, former president of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart and class president as a senior here at Bethany. Philip has demonstrated faithfulness, kindness, and maturity here at Bethany and a commitment to his church. He is respected by his classmates for his gentleness and pastoral abilities. Philip plans to attend Eastern Mennonite University and pursue a double major in Peacebuilding & Development and Bible, Religion, and Theology.

Leadership Awards

                   Art Purchase: Peace Muhagachi

                   Cup of Kindness: Carissa Mast

                   Student Government: Emma Bontrager, Philip Krabill, Alistair Tollar

Participation Awards          

Perfect Attendance: Anthony Moser, Brianna Moser, Nestor Sanchez, Andrea Yousey

Math Honor Roll: Caroline Cartmel, Luisa Dutchersmith, Sasha Dyck, Sarah Hochstetler, Jadyn Kaufmann, Clara Lind, Hongyi Lyu, Isabelle Moore, Nathan Oostland, Eva Sargent

Music Awards:

Hymnal and Pitch Pipe: Philip Krabill, Zana Mlotshwa, Alistair Tollar, Sim Yoder

Batons/Speciality Pins: Luisa Dutchersmith, Sasha Dyck, Sarah Hochstetler, Rachel Leininger, Clara Lind, Zana Mlotshwa, Andrew Smucker, Christian Yoder

Plaques/Pins: Evan Brown, Caroline Cartmel, Alex Cartwright, Jonah Farran, Grace Rheinheimer, Carissa Mast, Andrew Smucker

Medals/Patches: Biz Bomberger, Jack Hager, Naomi Klassen, Anthony Moser, Tommy Nguyen, Lily Ortiz-Perez, Sam Sanchez, Naomi Torres, Seth Valdez, Ana Yoder, Tinsley Yoder

Certificates: Reesha Bhagat, Kat Columna, Matthew Dyck, Jordana Farran, Joel Graber, Hope Hochstedler, Evelyn Lapadat, Jacob Leininger, Caleb Mast, Mackenzie Mast, Tyson Miller, Peace Muhagachi, Ethan Neuschwander, Jenna Oostland, Ivonne Ortiz, Norah Schloneger, Austin Shenk, Alex Stover, Helen Stoy, Josiah Schlabach, Jacob Shank, Aaron Shenk, Max Taylor, Ethan Torres, Hanbing Wei

Science Honor Roll: Emma Bontrager, Alex Cartwright, Jonah Farran, Anya Kauffman, Rachel Leininger, Isabelle Moore, Grace Rheinheimer, Alistair Tollar, Fiona Yeakey, Nick Yoder, Sim Yoder

Academic Letters

         Seniors: Biz Bomberger, Emma Bontrager, Evan Brown, Alex Cartwright, Jonah Farran, Meg Heinisch, Anya Kauffman, Philip Krabill, Rachel Leininger, Carissa Mast, Kassy Miller, Isabelle Moore, Grace Rheinheimer, Alistair Tollar, Angel Torres, Fiona Yeakey, Nick Yoder, Sim Yoder

         Juniors: Aliah Campbell, Caroline Cartmel, Luisa Dutchersmith, Sasha Dyck, Andrew Hoang, Sarah Hochstetler, Jadyn Kaufmann, Karina Kern, Ana King, Lucas Klopfenstein, Clara Lind,  Hongyi Lyu, Mariah Miller, Nathan Oostland, Eva Sargent, Caleb Shenk, Micah Shenk, Naomi Torres, Christian Yoder, Andrea Yousey

         Sophomores: Jackie Barber, Sadie Brenneman, Maddie Chupp, Isabella Hartzler, Rilynn Kaufmann, Naomi Klassen, Erika Lopez, Tyson Miller, Joseph Mounsithiraj, Trami Nguyen, Will Nisley, Mia Reinhardt, Sam Setiawan, Theo Siemens-Rhodes, Michaela Swartzendruber, Aaron Yeakey

         Frosh: Reesha Bhagat, Kat Columna, Matthew Dyck, Jordana Farran, Hope Hochstedler, Evelyn Lapadat, Jacob Leininger, Caleb Mast, Mackenzie Mast, Jenna Oostland, Ivonne Ortiz, Josiah Schlabach, Norah Schloneger, Jacob Shank, Austin Shenk, Helen Stoy, Ethan Torres, Beck Willems

Special Scholarships and Awards

         Heidi Claassen Achievement Award: Emma Bontrager

         Marlin Miller Scholarship: Philip Krabill