"We have been blessed in so many ways to have our children at Bethany. What a wonderful place to help us nurture our children into adulthood! Our family does not take for granted the ‘gift' of a Bethany experience. Thank you for your ministry to our family, congregation, and community."

These comments come from the October 2006 parent survey, which reveals that Bethany parents are highly satisfied with Bethany Christian Schools and that the value of a Bethany education is a worthwhile financial investment. Of the 121 parents who completed the survey during parent-teacher conferences, 97% felt Bethany meets their expectations. The fact that 92% of these parents, many who make financial sacrifices to send their children to Bethany, feel that tuition is indeed worth the financial investment is a strong affirmation of the benefits Bethany provides their children. Principal Allan Dueck says, "This level of satisfaction is a striking tribute to the quality of a Bethany education for young people in Elkhart County."

The survey further revealed that parents are satisfied with nearly every aspect of the school. Parents responded to 30 statements on broad-ranging aspects of Bethany (such as academics, opportunities, faith, facilities) by marking agree, strongly agree, disagree, strongly disagree, or no opinion. All 30 statements received at least a 90% favorable response (agree or strongly agree), and all but two areas-safety and media center resources-showed higher satisfaction than the previous parent survey in fall 2004. Dueck says, "We will continue to seek ways to improve every aspect of Bethany's programming, including the two areas perceived less favorably than two years ago. We are obviously delighted with the high degree of satisfaction in all areas, and particularly the fact that parents recognized improvement in almost every area."

Areas with the highest increases in satisfaction from two years ago include computer accessibility, approachability of administration, and timely feedback regarding student progress. Following the 2004 survey, Bethany addressed these issues in part by increasing the number of computers for student use in classrooms and computer labs/media center, emphasizing cooperative administrative-student relationships, establishing and distributing clear criteria for reporting student progress, and providing students and parents ready access to online grades.

Two areas that showed high satisfaction in both surveys, but showed significantly higher satisfaction in 2006 include campus appearance and helpful orientation to the school. Campus appearance improved greatly with the implementation of a new campus landscaping master plan since construction of the new middle school facilities. And in fall 2005 Bethany began implementing ideas from a marketing consultant to help new students and their families transition into the school community earlier and with greater ease.

Anyone interested in seeing a full statistical report may contact the school office.