Persons interested in hosting international/boarding students at Bethany Christian Schools should fill out the following Host Family Profile. If you have any questions, contact Bethany's admissions director at 574 534-2567 or
Host Mother
Host Father
Other Family
List all other people currently living in the home, or whom you expect to visit.
First Additional Person
Second Additional Person
Third Additional Person
Fourth Additional Person
In the box above, enter the type of pets (e.g. cat/dog) and for each type list the number, breed, and whether indoor or outdoor. If no pets in household, enter none.
House Information
Please select all options above that apply.
Family Rules
Describe above any family curfew rules you would expect a student to follow.
Describe above any household chores/expectations
Describe above general household rules in your home.
How do you perceive your responsibility as a host parent with regard to
For each of the following note whether you eat these meals as a family and what expectations for your student are for each meal?
Please explain above if there are any dietary restrictions in your family
Family Experience
Describe above the expectations you would have for your student to attend church or church activities.
Family Pasttimes