9 Bethany musicians qualify for state contests; 29 earn 26 gold and 2 silver medals at ISSMA district contests on Saturdays, Jan. 26 and Feb. 2.

Advancing to the state instrumental or vocal contests are (pictured from left) Caroline Cartmel (viola), Josiah Schlabach (baritone), and Ivonne Ortiz (vocal).

Also qualifying for state but choosing not to advance are the barbershop quartet of Sasha Dyck, Clara Lind, Luisa Dutchersmith, and Zana Mlotshwa and soloists Luisa Dutchersmith (vocal), Reesha Bhagat (vocal), Zana Mlotshwa (vocal and violin), and Tinsley Yoder (viola).

Following is the full medal count:

Gold Medal Instrumental Solos
Caroline Cartmel (viola), Josiah Schlabach (baritone), Zana Mlotshwa (violin), Tinsley Yoder (viola), Bailee Brown (viola), Reesha Bhagat (violin), Jack Hager (cello), Erika Lopez (violin), Mara Schrock (violin), Kaylee Woelk (violin)

Gold Medal Instrumental Ensembles
Zana Mlotshwa, Caleb Mast, Jack Hager (string trio)
Mary Smucker, Noah Schrock, Marta Bergstresser (string trio)
Erika Lopez, Lily Ortiz-Perez, Tinsley Yoder, Jack Hager (string quartet)
Mara Schrock, Julia Moser, Bailee Brown (string trio)

Gold Medal Vocal Solos
Ivonne Ortiz, Luisa Dutchersmith, Reesha Bhagat, Zana Mlotshwa, Alina Bergstresser, Sydney Nussbaum, Eliott Borden

Gold Medal Vocal Ensemble
Barbershop quartet of Sasha Dyck, Clara Lind, Luisa Dutchersmith, Zana Mlotshwa

Gold Medal Piano Solos
Sasha Dyck and Ian McHugh

Silver Medal Piano
Simon Dutkiewicz and Sorel Miller