In light of self-study data gathered from Bethany Christian Schools' current strategic planning process and the relevance of the music program to the school's mission, Bethany is initiating a thorough review of its music program to better position the program for increasing effectiveness in helping Bethany achieve its mission.

A Music Program Review Committee will carefully assess the current music program--strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats--through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Rebecca Slough, academic dean at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary and former professor of music and worship, will chair the committee. Lisa Heinz, of Mennonite Education Agency, will serve as data analyst, Tim Lehman as faculty representative, and Denise Risser as secretary.

The committee will be asking many people to participate in a survey, interview, or focus group. Anyone who would like to share information is welcome to contact the committee via email at The committee expects to complete its work by mid January.

Once the review has been completed, a new committee that includes individuals with interest and qualifications in music will use the information compiled to begin shaping the future direction of Bethany's music program. The school anticipates that this committee's recommendations will begin to be implemented in 2008-09.

The school thanks those willing to help in this important review process as it has the potential to yield exciting directions for the music program at Bethany and, in so doing, to equip students to serve in the church and around the world.