Brent Miller keeps Bethany campus safe and healthy

Brent Miller, Facilities Director at BCS, spent a lot of time preparing for students to return to school. As the safety measures and precautions needed to bring students back into the building this fall increased over the summer, Brent worked to ensure the environment would be a healthy and positive one whenever students are in the building.
Brent built a number of hand sanitizer stations, pictured here, for outside of restrooms, classrooms and other highly trafficked areas. A local farmer was getting rid of a number of disc blades this summer, which Brent and his father repurposed to make the bases of these stands.
He also spent time engineering and building foot pedals for water fountains around the school to provide contactless options for drinking. Brent reimagined the fourth and fifth grade classroom areas, and then constructed a new doorway in between classrooms to open up the space and give students and teachers more room to spread out and socially distance. 
Chances are, if you're seeing an improvement or a safety measure around the school – Brent took care of it. We're so impressed by and so grateful for the care and work that Brent has put into the school this summer in preparation for the fall. If you see him, say thank you! Brent and the rest of the facilities team are an invaluable part of BCS.
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