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Academic Excellence

Through dynamic, creative, and hands-on education, Bethany meets the needs of diverse learners and empowers all students to meet high academic standards. Bethany provides challenging experiential learning at all levels, including advanced courses in all core subject areas and the fine arts. Over 90 percent of our graduates go on to college, and Bethany students average 100 points higher on the SAT than the national average.
In addition, Bethany has received national recognition for our innovative Environmental Science course. All students participate in a unique, week-long immersive Interterm program intensive study, and Bethany now offers a variety of technology education classes with a lab of 3-D printers. These are just some of the ways students are challenged in unique ways at Bethany, setting them up for future successes. 
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BCS Values

At Bethany, we provide a holistic educational experience that prepares students for life. Bethany community members respect differences, build compassionate relationships and practice reconciliation. Students are known and cared for, and because of this they are challenged academically and personally. According to Bethany parents, our attention to social, emotional, and spiritual growth is the added value that makes Bethany a great investment.


At Bethany, teachers integrate faith and learning from a perspective that highlights discipleship, peaceable living, and service. Each student is invited to engage in a personal faith journey, explored through Bible curriculum, service opportunities, mentoring and more.
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As a small school, Bethany places priority on relationships and works to foster respectful and compassionate relationships among students, faculty, staff, and the church. Our close community with strong teacher-student relationships has long been a Bethany distinctive. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor, and they meet every two weeks to discuss things outside of academics, as well. The underlying goal is to support each student’s growth as a whole person in tandem with rigorous academic learning. At Bethany, people take an interest in each other and build lasting friendships that provide a sense of belonging. 
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Visit Days

Schedule a personal visit today! You can register for a tour and education consultation with our admissions team.
We are accepting applications for grades K-12 for the 2024-25 school year. Can't wait to meet you!
Contact our admissions team to find out more about what type of visit would meet your needs and to learn more about Bethany. You can reach out at [email protected] or by calling 574 534-2567.


A hands-on, innovative, differentiated learning environment characterizes the lower school classroom experience at Bethany. Teachers individualize instruction so that students receive focused attention in areas of need while allowing them to maximize their individual potential in areas of giftedness. Each child is known and cared for and special attention is given to managing and building a positive classroom dynamic, ensuring the healthy social and emotional growth of your child.
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Within a diverse community, Bethany fosters respectful and compassionate relationships among community members. The expectation is that we do things together: learn, work, serve, and worship. As a small school, Bethany places priority on relationships. Teachers become more than just teachers, they become mentors and friends. In middle school, teachers help youth build respectful and compassionate relationships.
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In the high school, students and teachers are on a first-name basis with each other. At Bethany, people take an interest in each other and build lasting friendships that provide a sense of belonging. Here, students receive encouragement to pursue excellence in the arts, sports, and academics within the context of finding deeper meaning in life through faith.
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Annual alumni reunions take place every year. To stay up-to-date with what's happening at Bethany, be sure to check out the alumni magazine the BCS Bulletin and keep us updated with your current information. Our alumni are so important to our community, past, present and future!
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BCS At A Glance

  • 12:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • 23 faith backgrounds represented in the student body
  • 100 pts higher than national SAT averages
  • 100% of families participate in variable tuition models for financial accessibility
  • 85% of students participate in extracurriculars