Building community in a time of separation

Although social distancing and public health precautions have caused changes in routines, students at Bethany Christian Schools are still finding safe ways to maintain relationships, build community, and grow in their faith. 
Despite not seeing peers in-person every day, students found other ways to connect thanks to their coaches, mentors, and teachers at Bethany.

Fall sports, following social distancing protocols, was one of these ways.

"Cross country allowed me to still connect with my friends and get a chance to be outside," said senior Ana Yoder, pictured here with her teammates after a conference meet.

"Talking in-person with coaches and classmates has really helped me this semester with everything that is going on," she said.

Advisory groups offer another connection point, allowing small groups of students to meet with a faculty advisor and discuss a range of topics including college preparation, faith and personal stories, or other challenges.
"Advisory is a place for us to connect with other people," said sophomore Sam Klopfenstein.

And those connections are the most valuable part of a Bethany experience—connections that last across social and physical distancing measures.
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