Highlight from the fourth grade newsletter: Walnuts

This article is from The Journal, Bethany’s 4th grade newsletter. This newsletter is edited and written by members of the fourth grade class and printed for the audience at Bethany Christian Schools.



By Hannah Claassen

My class talked about the Paleo-Indians and what they ate. They ate walnuts, so we decided to harvest walnuts. 


We went outside, by the fence next to the Waterford School playground. We looked for yellow walnuts on the ground. If you found one, you would roll it under your shoe until you got the yellow/green outside part off. 


Next, we picked them up and our hands were really disgusting and yellow. We took them inside the school and then into the courtyard right outside our classroom. We put them on the windowsill to dry out.


Later that night, squirrels jumped onto the ledge and took them back to their nests. When we walked into the courtyard with armfuls of walnuts, the squirrels were probably really happy because they thought it was for them. We had about 50 walnuts, and two weeks later we have none.

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