Bethany graduate reflects on past, looks towards future

In a recent letter to Bethany, Rachel describes making the decision to attend Bethany as one of excitement—but also sadness. Rachel loved running track, and at the time Bethany didn't have a track team. Years later, she recounts the excitement and joy she felt upon discovering the Great Strides Capital Campaign plans for an on-campus track. 
"I am deeply grateful for the experience I had at Bethany...AND I missed running track," she wrote. "Seeing that it is now coming to fruition brings such immense joy to my heart. It is as if God is reminding me that all things are perfected in God's time. Just because we don't see it happening, doesn't mean it isn't or won't. Our call is to continue trusting and walking in the light. My call is to continue to say YES to Spirit, even if I don't understand exactly how it will all work out. 
Thank you for your YES and the way you are trusting and walking in the light as you lead Bethany onward and upward."
Rachel has donated $5000 of funds to match gifts during the week of March 22, 2021. 
About Rachel:

Rachel Sartori-Thomas is a master teacher, coach and facilitator of personal growth and transformation. Through experiences with anxiety and panic disorder, infertility, divorce, remarriage, step-mothering and more, Rachel knows not only how deeply painful life can be, but how deeply beautiful and good it is. She creates welcoming, safe, nonjudgmental, loving and inspiring opportunities for readers and participants to connect with their highest Truth and live into their full potential. She has a powerful gift of inviting your authentic self to fully show up, creating a safe, empowering and inspiring space to be seen in the truth of who you are. 

With a Masters in Education and training in Advanced Leadership and Facilitation for Transformation, Rachel invites you to take a breath, slow down and embrace the moment at hand, knowing that who you are and how you are showing up is enough. Opportunities to work with Rachel include books (Exercise Your Soul: ignite healing and wholeness in your life & live from the inside out; How to Up-level Your Life: because you deserve better than just surviving), experiential workshops, speaking engagements and private coaching. Learn more at

Rachel lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband, Aaron; her daughter, Eliana; her two bonus daughters, Olivia and Joy; and two amazing dogs (Max and Katy). When she isn’t coaching or facilitating inner work, she can be found journaling, practicing Bikram Yoga, playing board games, having tea or organizing a closet or drawer.