Bethany Christian Schools hires third grade teacher

Bethany Christian Schools announces the addition of third grade and is excited to introduce Karin Fast as the classroom teacher. BCS now proudly serves grades 3-12 for the next school year. The recently approved strategic plan outlines a new curricular direction for all grades and upcoming additions of grades K-2.  

A 2013 Goshen College graduate, Ms. Fast is returning to the Goshen area after seven years at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. An open house on Sunday, March 28, 1pm-3pm, invites the public to meet Ms. Fast and learn more about the new third grade. Open house visitors will have the opportunity to meet Ms. Fast and learn more about her specific plans for the third grade class. Register at

Ms. Fast’s experience teaching grades K-6 in the Waldorf setting will inform the development of a new curriculum as Bethany continues to add elementary grade levels. When adding classes for younger children, Bethany will increase its emphasis on outdoor, artistic and hands-on educational experiences. Screen time and test prep can get in the way of these opportunities, so they will be kept to a minimum.

“We want to give students more opportunities to explore the world around them and discover the wonders of God’s creation,” said Head of School Tim Lehman. “We believe that to be healthy, young children need time outside and frequent movement, with time to interact together creatively, learning to solve problems and build relationships.” 

Bethany’s current 4th and 5th grade teachers have created a rich starting point for its elementary school, with expertise in Montessori methods and elementary Bible curriculum development. The addition of grade three and the hiring of a teacher with Waldorf experience reflect Bethany’s strategic direction towards a curriculum that emphasizes experiential, problem-based learning– at every grade level. 

“Our class content prepares students for the needs of today’s college or work environments, while also helping them develop on a personal level,” said Lehman. “College and future careers call for creativity, problem solving, and communication skills. These skills are what make our students attractive to universities and employers alike, while simultaneously preparing students to participate in God’s work in the world.”

Bethany has always prioritized learning that transcends testable measures, and a newly updated vision statement reflects this emphasis. Bethany’s vision calls for developing faith through Christian discipleship, growing learning through holistic education and practicing community by building relationships.

Bethany Christian Schools accepts students of all faiths and welcomes students of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. School Choice Scholarships and generous financial aid make Bethany accessible to more students than ever before. Tuition costs are based on a sliding scale, tailored to each family’s circumstance. Bethany is currently enrolling in all grades 3-12. Contact the admissions office to learn more and schedule a visit at [email protected],, or 574-534-2567.

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