Baseball with Bod

"I had a great experience with Bethany baseball. I loved listening to Eye of the Tiger, Rosanna, and the other oldies Bod blasted as we were warming up for our home games. I loved the bus rides with the team; including the time I accepted the dare to jump out of the window emergency exit at an intersection. I appreciated Bod’s patience with me too. I played 3rd base and while I was great at stopping the ball, there was a time when my aim to first base was struggling. I started overanalyzing every movement of my throws and release of the ball.  Unsurprisingly, that made things worse. Bod and my teammates were always encouraging and helped me work through the mechanics of my throws. Thanks to Bethany baseball for all the great memories. I’m looking forward to watching my own kids use the new athletic fields and create their own memories."  --Kevin Nice
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