Kehr Family Continues Legacy of Bruin Soccer Support

The Kehr family was foundational to the start of girls soccer at Bethany, with Bryan Kehr beginning here with the first girls team in 1999.  Kehr started the women' soccer program, compiling a 109-76-16 record while winning four sectional championships and one regional championship in 10 years. This was during an era where there was not a class system in Indiana sports and our school of 250 students regularly won against much larger schools. During his last four years at Bethany, he served as athletic director.


Hannah Heinzekehr reflects on being coached by her Dad:

In addition to coaching many other students, dad coached both my sister Maya and me. Although as a high schooler, that wasn't always my favorite, looking back it was really special.


I loved playing soccer at Bethany. The soccer team was an amazing community of women who really cheered each other on and had so much fun together on and off the field. Some of the highlights when I think back on being a part of that team were the long bus rides to and from games and a yearly whole team "lock in" and sleepover event in the school library. Looking back, I am highly aware of the fact that playing sports from a young age--but especially in middle school and high school at Bethany--helped me to develop an innate confidence in and trust of my own body. There are so many mixed messages that girls and women can receive, but the clearest message that came through to me from my teammates was that I was strong and my body could do hard things!


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The Kehr siblings (Hannah, Maya '06 and Elias '09) have provided $1000 in match funds! Their offer contributes to our overall total of $10,002 match funds available for gifts given this week only. As of Thursday, we have received $4240 towards the $10,002. Gifts online or mailed in by Sunday, May 9 will be matched dollar for dollar while funds last.


Maya and Hannah are pictured top middle and bottom middle in the informal photo.