Hands-On Learning Turns Yummy

Bethany third grade teacher Karin Fast and director of food services Tara Swartzendruber-Landis teamed up recently to give the third grade class a yummy experience! The students picked ripe elderberries surrounding Bethany’s pond, sampling what they picked. One third-grader described them as tasting “a little sour and a little like a grape.” Two weeks later, students then spent an afternoon in Bethany’s classroom kitchens making their own snack of biscuits and elderberry jam.

The sound of students reading recipes, measuring, stirring, pouring, and laughing filled the kitchens as they excitedly cooked. They gathered in the Friendship Garden to FINALLY get a taste of their creation and agreed it was delicious!

We're so grateful for the creativity and natural beauty here at Bethany!

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