Bethany Supports Trees for Goshen and the Electric Brew

We are so proud to support two of our favorite downtown Goshen organizations-- Trees for Goshen and the Electric Brew! 
Our alumna Dana (Miller) Bontrager (Bethany class of 1976) co-owns @theelectricbrew and is cycling to Florida RIGHT NOW with her co-owner husband Myron Bontrager to raise $25,000 for @treesforgoshen through sponsorships. 
City Forester Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley is a Bethany 1992 grad and works with Trees for Goshen.  He shared the note below about Dana and Myron's progress and how sponsorship works.
Support Dana, Myron and Aaron's efforts--while making our town greener for everyone!  
$25 buys one tree, and each tree sponsors 3 miles of the bike ride. So, $25,000 will buy 1000 trees, and 1000 trees will sponsor 3000 miles. Part of the challenge is to see who can reach the 3000 mile mark first – Myron and Dana (by making it to the Keys on the East Coast Greenway Trail), or donors by funding 1000 trees. To date, Myron and Dana are ahead: they’ve biked 1064 miles, while donations have raised $4,615, which equals 184 trees and 553 miles. There is a map hanging at the Brew which updates the progress of both.

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