Bethany’s New Mission and Vision Statements

Our Board of Trustees announces a new mission statement “Bethany prepares students to participate in God’s work in the world” and a new vision “Bethany will be a dynamic k-12 learning community in which students are known, loved and prepared for their journey beyond school.


Throughout the past year, the Bethany Board created a comprehensive strategic plan and developed the new statements to depict who we are today. Earlier this fall, we announced the addition of grades 1 and 2, which will bring us closer to our goal of offering a complete Bethany education– from kindergarten through high school graduation.


“Our goal is to honor our historical identity while finding new ways to share who we are with the families of today,” said Head of School Tim Lehman. “When Bethany was founded over sixty years ago, students mostly came from a Mennonite background with little diversity. That isn’t who we are anymore, and it’s not who we want to be-- we are happy to have students from many different backgrounds, including diverse faith perspectives.”


In 1954, Bethany was founded by Mennonite churches in the Indiana-Michigan area.  From our inception, a clear sense of community, academic excellence, and living a life reflective of God’s faith have been core to our mission. Today, we welcome a diverse group of students from more than 50 different congregations and 21 different faith groups.  Nearly a third of our students describe themselves with an identity that is other than Caucasian.


The Bethany community shares a goal of recognizing each student as a child of God with unique gifts and needs. Our teachers and students work hard to build a culture of respect and love, seeking to truly know and understand each other’s perspective. 


“Our Christian values affect the way we teach, yet Bethany has also prided itself on providing the strongest academic program in the region,” said Tim. “Our college entry rates, AP and SAT scores testify to that. At Bethany, parents can have both a safe environment and high academic preparation for their children.”


Our students are prepared for a well-rounded life not in spite of, but because of, the time taken in each grade to help them establish healthy social behavior and self-worth. Regular experiences in nature, worship, and the fine arts help students establish an inner strength that later leads to both academic and professional success.  


The workplace and the world need graduates from Bethany Christian Schools– young adults who think creatively, see connections between different disciplines, and make ethical decisions for the betterment of their community.


Bethany Christian Schools accepts students of all faiths and welcomes students of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. School Choice Scholarships and generous financial aid make Bethany accessible to more students than ever before. Tuition costs are based on a sliding scale, tailored to each family’s circumstance. Bethany is currently enrolling in all grades 1-12. Contact the admissions office to learn more and schedule a visit at [email protected],, or 574-534-2567.

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