Helen Stoy Wins Grand Prize Art Award!

Helen Stoy, senior student at Bethany Christian Schools, won a grand prize at Goshen College’s first annual Voices of the Movement Arts Competition on Monday, January 17. The competition was open to Goshen College students, as well as Elkhart County high school students. 

Helen’s piece was entered into the “Allies of Dr. King” category, open to all students who wished to express and further the vision and message of Dr. King. Her oil painting entitled Missing Pages was selected by a panel of community members, and she was awarded a cash prize of $300. 

Helen provided the following statement regarding her work.

As part of the “Allies of Dr. King,” I am presenting an oil painting named Missing

Pages, depicting an African-American woman holding a ruined U.S History textbook. As

I searched for inspiration, I came across an African-American abstract artist, Uruba F.

Slaughter, whose work I studied and contacted for more information. Over a couple of

emails I centered my focus on allyship in the form of accountability. In my piece I wanted

to convey how we haven’t done enough to address Dr. King’s message of ending

segregation when it comes to our country's history. Our nation isn't created by just white

people, and it’s time to both realize and change this, time to step further into actualizing

Dr. King's dream, not just in our history books but in our lives, we must hold each other accountable.

Next year, Helen plans to major in psychology with an art minor at Purdue University or Goshen College.

Congratulations, Helen! We are so proud of you!



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