New Elementary Principal!

We are so excited to announce the creation of a position to lead our newly expanded elementary school. Our current Bethany 6th grade teacher, Juanita Hershberger has accepted the position of elementary principal and will oversee this new section of the school, forming a comprehensive curriculum for its elementary program.  

We first began as a high school in 1954 and gradually added lower grades. For the past decade, Bethany has offered an exceptional education for students in grades 4-12.  This year we opened a third grade for the first time, and will open grades 1 and 2 this fall. Plans are underway to eventually add kindergarten as well.

“What’s happening at Bethany is wonderful, and we just want to be able to share that with more families, and their young children,” said Head of School Tim Lehman.  “We are so excited to expand the opportunities young children have here-- to be known and loved, to grow at their own pace, and learn the skills that prepare them for life. These are valuable experiences we can offer our community’s children, and it’s our privilege to do this work.”

Several years ago, Juanita earned a Masters in Administration Education degree from Lamar University, while continuing to teach full time. She is a beloved teacher with a calm, kind demeanor and dedication to student success. Parents often remark on her patience with students, active lesson plans, and commitment to each child’s individual well being.  

Tim looks forward to seeing Juanita share these strengths across a full elementary program, guiding teachers in their growth and helping us share our mission with a younger group of students.

“I know that Juanita shares our holistic vision for an education that prepares students to participate in God’s work in the world,” said Tim.  “She does this by caring deeply about each of her students. This, together with her expertise and administrative training, has prepared her to be an excellent principal.”

“The leadership at Bethany is strong and has a vision I am excited to be a part of– for our students to be known, loved, and prepared to serve in our world now and after leaving Bethany,” said Juanita. “Our teachers are committed to providing a holistic education to our students using innovative methods. I want to continue to give teachers that agency to meet each student where they are.”

Juanita will join principal Hank, who is to continue on as upper school principal. 

Regarding his new administrative partner, Hank said, “Juanita has been an outstanding teacher at Bethany and will continue to positively impact our school in her new role of principal.  She brings outstanding leadership to our faculty and staff, but even more importantly brings valuable relationships with our students.  I look forward to working closely with her, and learning from her.”


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