Linda Hochstetler is Moving to Sixth Grade

We are pleased to announce Linda Hochstetler, current fifth grade teacher, will be transitioning to our middle school next year. Linda will be teaching a sixth grade section, filling an opening created by Juanita Hershberger who will become the lower school principal.


Linda has been teaching at Bethany since 2011. She is a much-loved teacher, and has been teaching fifth grade all but one of her years here. Her current students whooped and cheered upon hearing that they’ll get to have her as their teacher for another year.


Linda shares, “I’m so excited to be looping up to the next grade with this awesome group of students! I feel like there is a lot of value in that continuity.” She continued, “ I’m also looking forward to collaborating with fellow sixth grade teacher Katelyn Hochstetler. I know we’ll work great together.” 


Teachers like Linda are just one of the many things that make Bethany a special place for students to be known, loved and prepared. When you see her, please help us congratulate her on her new role in the middle school!

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