2022 Art Purchase Award

Austin Shenk is the recipient of Bethany’s 2022 Art Purchase Award. His winning entry, a two-part ceramic vase, was chosen from among seven pieces submitted by four students and will be a part of Bethany’s permanent art display. 


Art teacher Christa Janzen says, “I am so proud of each of these students for their hard work and dedication to their own artistic growth this year. It’s not always easy to put your own work on display, let alone put yourself out there to have your artwork judged.”


In describing his vase, Austin says, “This piece was my first successful attempt at creating a pot in two separately thrown parts. It allowed me to focus on keeping the walls thin, to get a low-shoulder form and elevate the piece.” 


Prior to glazing, Austin splatter-painted black underglaze on the piece to add variation. During the firing, the glaze reacted with the splatters, leaving soft dark blues running down the sides.


During the award ceremony, Janzen said the following about Austin. “He experimented, practiced, and worked consistently for an entire year with curiosity and enthusiasm. I will miss him next year and I even offered him a spot as my Clay Room Manager next year, but he politely declined.”