Welcome to Bethany, Edgar Silva!

Edgar Silva will be Bethany’s high school, Spanish teacher. Edgar comes from Asheville Christian Academy in North Carolina, where he taught Spanish and was the head of the World Languages Department. Edgar has a bachelor of arts in Education and Spanish from Mars Hill University and a master’s of arts in Romance languages from Appalachian State University.


A native of Guatemala, Edgar taught Spanish language and Hispanic culture at CASAS, a Spanish school that is part of SEMILLA, the Anabaptist Seminary in Guatemala City. While at CASAS, Edgar met and married Erika Smoker, a 1995 Bethany graduate. They have two children: Eliana, a rising 3rd grader, and Emilio, a rising 1st grader. Both children will be attending Bethany this year. Edgar is excited to reconnect with Anabaptists and participate in the community life of Bethany.

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