Another Fall Season to Celebrate

We wrap up another incredible fall athletic season! Our teams showed exceptional skill, dedication, and sportsmanship on the field, course and court. From thrilling victories to hard-fought matches, each player contributed to the success of their team. A big shout-out to our coaches, athletes, and supportive fans for making this season memorable. Here's to the camaraderie, growth, and achievements that defined our fall sports journey. Until next season, thank you for being part of this amazing athletic community! 

Here is a list of the fall awards

Boys Soccer


Sportsmanship: James Lind

MVP Offensive: Sawyer Beachy

MVP Defensive: Shemaya Magatti

Most Improved: Trey Caffee

JV MVP: Zach Reiff

JV Most Improved: Ben Hoang


Hoosier Plains Conference:

1st team: Sawyer Beachy, Tyson Chupp, Shemaya Magatti, Jacoby Reinhardt

2nd team: James Lind, Lian Espinosa Lopez

Academic: Tyson Chupp, James Lind, Shemaya Magatti, Daven Molina, Jacoby Reinhardt, Jayden Schlabach, Josiah Yoder, Luke Yordy


ISCA All-District: (1st) Sawyer Beachy; (2nd) Shemaya Magatti

ISCA Academic All-State: 



Girls Soccer


Sportsmanship: Mariah Stoltzfus

MVP: Zoe Willems

Defense: Kendra Kern

Most Improved: Emily Swartzendruber

Bruin Spirit: Sydney Nussbaum, Jisel Lopez


All-District 1st Team: Zoe Willems

All-District Top Team Player Award: Mariah Stoltzfus

ISCA Academic All-State: Alysson Barkman, Sydney Nussbaum, Mariah Stoltzfus, Zoe Willems


Hoosier Plains Conference:

1st: Mariah Stoltzfus, Grace Triplett, Zoe Willems

2nd: Eva Horning, Kendra Kern, Ellie Morris

Academic: Alysson Barkman, Sorel Miller, Sydney Nussbaum, Mariah Stoltzfus, Dahlia Thut, Zoe Willems



Sportsmanship: Adam Siemens-Rhodes

MVP: Noah Schrock

Most Improved: Isaya Magatti

JV MVP: Keagan Meyer


All-District: Noah Schrock

All-State Academic: Team, Ian McHugh, Adam Siemens-Rhodes


Cross Country

Sportsmanship: (boys) Roman Nyce (girls) Alina Bergstresser

MVP: (boys) Jesse Bontrager (girls) Alina Bergstresser

Most Improved: (boys) Ayden Lehman (girls) Elena Unzicker


Hoosier Plains All-Conference: (boys) Jesse Bontrager, Roman Nyce (girls) none

HPC Academic: (boys) Jesse Bontrager (girls) Alina Bergstresser

IATCCC 1A All-State: Alina Bergstresser



Sportsmanship: Cassia Nice

MVP: Morgan Chupp

Defensive MVP: Cassia Nice

Mental Attitude: Leyna Borgman

JV Award: Jenny Rios 


Hoosier Plains Conference:

1st Team: Morgan Chupp, Cassia Nice; 2nd Team: Adrienne Chupp, Leyna Borgmann

Academic: Leyna Borgmann, Morgan Chupp, Maddie Lehman, Cassia Nice, Joryn Yoder 

IHSVCA Academic All-State: Leyna Borgmann, Morgan Chupp, Joryn Yoder

AVCA Best and Brightest: (1st Team) Morgan Chupp, Leyna Borgmann