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Farm to School

Keep Growing at Bethany!

At Bethany, our exceptional Farm to School program invites students to grow indoors and out.




How does food end up on your cafeteria tray? At Bethany, YOU help it get there.  Plant the seeds, pick the vegetables, test the recipes, and enjoy the fruit of your hard work in the school cafeteria!  


Collaborate with your classmates and other grades to grow food that gets served to the whole school.



Put your hands in the dirt, bouquets on your teacher’s desk and taste the fruits of your labor!




Did you know that every sense we engage when learning increases our ability to remember the lesson?  Imagine how much students learn when the lesson invites them to see, touch, smell and taste the subject matter. 









This unique interdisciplinary program has a big impact on student learning in many areas:

  • Biology as they learn about soil, plants and pollinators
  • Math as they work on recipes
  • English as they create a garden journal or recipe book.