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About Aaron Johnson

I grew up in Goshen and attended Bluffton University. My wife, Kim, is also an elementary music teacher, and we have a young son named Byron. I enjoy playing many instruments, singing in the local men's chorus "The Open Fifths," woodworking, and playing disc golf.

What is your philosophy of teaching?

When I teach, I focus on building the whole student. While knowledge-building is central to my teaching style, I also prioritize developing empathy, personal discipline, awareness of others, and physical skills and regulation. In all my teachings, I strive to guide students towards a deeper understanding of themselves and establish personal connections with them.

What kind of classroom experience do you try to create for your students?

The classroom experience I aim to create for my students is one that is engaging and enjoyable, allowing them to express themselves freely without fear.

How do you keep students engaged in their learning experience?

I believe deeply in engaging students on a personal level, so that they know I care about their learning experience. 

What qualities or life skills do you wish to impart to your students?

Self-discipline, love of music, empathy and awareness of others.

What makes teaching at Bethany unique or special?

The community aspect here is fantastic. We have so many opportunities because of the trust and care students and teachers have for each other. 

When you aren't teaching, what can we find you doing?

Playing with Byron, spending time with Kim, woodworking, or singing in a local choir. 

Is there a topic in the area you teach that you're especially passionate about?

African-American history, especially their impact on American music the last 100 years.

Why should a teacher consider joining the Bethany faculty?

Bethany's atmosphere is uniquely laid-back and supportive of its teachers. Students treat teachers with respect and a willingness to listen, and the administration is very hands-off.