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About Amy Thut

I grew up in Goshen and graduated from Bethany in 1995. As a high school student I enjoyed playing sports, singing in choir, participating on chapel committee, and helping to start a garden club.  As a college student and young adult I worked with youth in wilderness or agricultural settings in New Jersey, Vermont, New York, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana. I also worked in Philadelphia for two years at an environmental non-profit organization. My husband Greg and I have two children, and together we attend Faith Mennonite Church. I enjoy bicycling, gardening, camping, cross country skiing, playing guitar and piano, and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

What is your philosophy of teaching?

Students will learn best when they feel safe and secure.

What kind of classroom experience do you try to create for your students?

I try to create an inclusive and fun learning environment. I invite students to share about experiences from their own lives. I want students to be challenged academically while also feeling supported emotionally.  I try to make science relevant to everyday life.

How do you keep students engaged in their learning experience?

Students frequently go outdoors in my classes, both on and off campus. We study plants and animals around our school pond, we take multiple field trips to the Elkhart River, and we visit places like the wastewater treatment plant to learn about connections between people and our environment. In class we incorporate a mix of activities (games, labs, illustrating posters, etc.) to enhance our learning experiences.

What qualities or life skills do you wish to impart to your students?

Kindness, curiosity, and responsibility.

What fuels your passion and drive to be an educator?

I love working with young people and helping them develop new skills, grow in self confidence, and develop positive relationships with others.