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About Daniel Mast

I am married with two boys (2 and 4 years old). I have been teaching and coaching basketball for 10+ years in 4 different schools including two in the Houston area. I enjoy camping, disc golfing, and eating good food. 

What is your philosophy of teaching?

I strive to inspire students to take on challenges and achieve their goals. My job is to give students the tools and mentality to be successful in current and future endeavors. 

What kind of classroom experience do you try to create for your students?

An open, caring space for all students to take on their challenges with the support of those around them.

How do you keep students engaged in their learning experience?

I communicate how my curriculum give them skills to grow as an individual, to challenge the status quo, and make healthy life choices. 

What qualities or life skills do you wish to impart to your students?

Resiliency. Problem solving. Passionate. Compassionate