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Middle School

Within a diverse community, Bethany fosters respectful and compassionate relationships among community members. The expectation is that we do things together: learn, work, serve, and worship. As a small school, Bethany places priority on relationships. Teachers become more than just teachers, they become mentors and friends. In middle school, teachers help youth build respectful and compassionate relationships.

Core Curriculum for grades 6-8 consists of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Grade 6 core courses are taught by one teacher in a self-contained classroom; grade 7 and 8 core courses are taught by teachers specializing in each subject.

Enrichment Curriculum for all three grades consists of Bible, Phys Ed, and Music—students may participate in choir and may also choose to participate in band or orchestra. Grade-specific courses include Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and Digital Communication (grade 6), Visual Art and Photography (grade 7), and FACS and Art (grade 8).

Bible Curriculum includes: 

  • In grade 6, students acquire biblical knowledge through an introductory survey of the Bible and become a community as they share and pray together.
  • In grade 7, students increase familiarity with the Bible and its descriptions of God. Through study of Luke and Acts, they learn the stories and purposes of Jesus, the disciples, and the Holy Spirit. In times of devotional reflection, students consider faith in their own life situations.
  • In grade 8, students reflect on how faith in God affects different parts of their lives as they study models of decision-making in Psalms and Proverbs, listen to the prophets’ calls for taking care of the poor and broken, encounter the greatness and mystery of God in the vivid images and metaphors of the Bible, and discover the importance of putting their faith into action in the practicality of James. Key Project: Students reflect on their learning by writing a paper which asks, “Who is Jesus and how should I respond to Him?”

Interterm: During this one-week term in March, students in grades 3-11 participate in hands-on, experiential-learning focused courses. Middle school students take two courses, split between morning and afternoon. All courses are primarily on campus but can take half-day or day trips.