Interterm 2004

Amateur/Ham Radio

Students worked toward earning an entry level operator's license for ham radio, got on the air with a licensed operator, spent an evening with hobbyists putting a radio transmitter in a rocket, sending it off and tracking it down, went on a "fox hunt" in Elkhart County tracking down other operators via radio transmitter, and toured an air traffic control tower using radio transmission in South Bend Airport.

Appalachia Habitat for Humanity

Participants worked for Habitat for Humanity in a depressed community in the Cumblerland Moutnains near Robbins, Tenn., which was devastated by recent tornadoes and in need of housing. Participants did various home repairs.

Kentucky Backpacking Adventure

The group backpacked in Kentucky's Red River Valley.

LaCasa of Goshen

The group worked at LaCasa of Goshen, helping rehabilitate homes and general clean up.

Lifetime Sports and Recreation

Students were introduced to various recreational activities that can be practiced for a lifetime: golf, swimming, volleyball, Frisbee golf, racquetball, tennis, and others.


Students explored tropical rainforests and coral reefs, observing plant and animal life unique to those ecosystems. The group snorkeled a couple of different coral reefs and a grassy flat by the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean. Students visited with two different indigenous groups in their villages.

Stained Glass Creations

Students created various stained glass projects including a Christmas ornament and a larger project such as kaleidoscopes, window hangings, jewelry boxes, and glass mosaics on patio bricks. Each student learned to cut and grind glass and prepared the glass for soldering.