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School Safety

One area of emphasis relating to school safety involves our Bethany parking lots. The picture below shows the pattern (in green) that we ask all parents who are not parking to follow when dropping off and picking up students before and after school. Parents that are parking should use the first two rows of parking spaces (outlined in a yellow dashed line) to wait for students or to enter the building for school business. All students are instructed to cross into the parking lot using the marked crosswalk (circled in red) and we ask that cars waiting in line for pick up do not block the walkway. Please also be aware that we cannot have cars wait in line at the end of the day in front of the school beyond the posted sign (red dashed line). Thank you for your help and attention to these important safety details.
The Safe School Helpline

Bethany now offers students access to a confidential hotline to report bullying, harassment and other community safety concerns.

Beginning this school year, the Safe School Helpline will be available to students either through a phone call, text or via a web form. They also have an app available for download.

Safe School Helpline offers students 24/7 access and an anonymous and confidential way to report threats to the safety of themselves and other students in the Bethany community.

If a student is in immediate danger, the Safe School Hotline transfers the report to a local 911 call. Other reports are communicated to school officials anonymously the following day.

To submit a report:

Web: safeschoolhelpline.com

Call: 800-418-6423 ext. 359

Text: 66746, then type TIPS