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School Safety

Bethany Parking Lot & Traffic Flow

When we come back from spring break our school parking lot situation will be very different as construction on the new lower school wing will begin.  We will no longer have access to the north lot and will have to move all student parking and drop off / pick up to the south side of the school.

  • the green arrows and area on the south side of the school designate the drop off and pick up traffic flow and location for all students not driving
    • traffic will only enter at the south entrance
    • traffic will only exit at the north exit
  • the orange area on the south lot will be for student parking during the school day
  • the red area on the north side of the school will be closed to ALL traffic
  • the red areas on the south lot will be off limits to student and faculty/staff parking during the day so that we can use the HS entrance for drop off and pick up without any traffic or obstructed views
  • the light blue area on the north side will be reserved for guest parking ONLY during the school day
  • the yellow area on the north lot will be for our buses and construction parking ONLY
  • the blue areas on the south parking lot will be for faculty/staff parking ONLY during the school day



The Safe School Helpline

Bethany now offers students access to a confidential hotline to report bullying, harassment and other community safety concerns.

Beginning this school year, the Safe School Helpline will be available to students either through a phone call, text or via a web form. They also have an app available for download.

Safe School Helpline offers students 24/7 access and an anonymous and confidential way to report threats to the safety of themselves and other students in the Bethany community.

If a student is in immediate danger, the Safe School Hotline transfers the report to a local 911 call. Other reports are communicated to school officials anonymously the following day.

To submit a report:

Web: safeschoolhelpline.com

Call: 800-418-6423 ext. 359

Text: 614-426-0240, then type TIPS