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The Star on My Heart

 Bethany Christian High School will perform The Star on My Heart, Nov. 17-19, 2017.
The Star On My Heart (by Angela Hansen) is based on the true story of Inge Auerbacher. Around 15,000 children passed through Terezin, a Nazi transit camp, and Inge was part of the 1% who survived. The play follows Inge from young childhood in Germany through adulthood in America. While the play takes place in the 1930-50s, it brings to light many themes that are relevant in today's world. Aa talk-back, led by the playwright, will follow each performance.
The cast of the show worked with Inge herself in early November. See Bethany story and read The Paper article (download pdf) PDF iconBethany Christian play presents a child's view of the Holocaust.

Listen to WVPE interview with Auerbacher.


Tickets may be reserved online here. Online sales will close at noon on Friday, Nov. 17.

Family Guide

read online here or download Star on My Heart Family Guide.pdf

The purpose of this Family Guide is to provide our audience with a way to come to the production better prepared to deal with the subject matter. This is written particularly for families of elementary-aged children, but is appropriate for use with people of all ages.
We often shy away from exposing children to serious subject matter in theater. It is important to approach subjects like the Holocaust with care and intentionality, but it is also important to help children learn about their world and learn to interact with it. A play like The Star on My Heart provides an opportunity to do this. This is a story of hope and healing, told through the eyes of a child. It is a true story. Knowing a story like Inge’s has the power to shape the way all of us view and interact with our world.
There are things in this play that are difficult to watch and hear. There are things children will understand, and things that will go over their heads—and that’s okay. This guide seeks to help your family prepare for those hard things. We at Bethany believe that God is our hope, and throughout this guide, we have tried to identify some places where God (hope) shows up.