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Alice in Wonderland

7 p.m. May 7 and 8

Bethany Christian Middle School will present Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, adapted for the stage by Anne Coulter Martens.

 In the play, Alice can’t figure out what she’s doing in the fantasy world of Wonderland and just wants to go home. Instead she encounters an unhelpful host of odd characters including the crazy Mad Hatter, the bickering Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and the enigmatic Cheshire Cat. When she turns to the demanding Queen of Hearts for help, Alice finally realizes that she has the confidence to think for herself and is able to leave the zaniness of Wonderland behind.

Tickets for the family classic are $4 for adults and $2 for students. To reserve tickets (beginning April 19), call the school office at 534-2567.


Alice    Katie Hurst
Caterpillar/Blue Flower    Jesse Amstutz
Cheshire Cat    Erin Bontrager
Cook/Lady 1    Samantha Horsch
Dormouse/Heart Child    Olivia Copsey
Duchess    Lena Yeakey
Executioner/Heart Child    Nathanael Eby
Frog Footman/Pink Flower    Isaac Brenneman
Gryphon/Yellow Flower    Joseph Mumaw
Humpty    Syd Dille
King    Parth Patel
Knave/Rose Flower    Kyle Snyder
Lady 2/White Flower    Alicia Thomas
Lady 3    Lorae Weaver
Mad Hatter    Hanna Hochstetler
March Hare    Landon Weldy
Mock Turtle    Catie Kauffman
Queen of Hearts    Jordan Helmuth
Soldier 1/Gardener 1    Bryan Nguyen
Soldier 2/Gardener 2    Colin Samuel
Soldier 3/Gardener 3    Hans Miller
Tweedledee    Joel Gerig
Tweedledum    Abe Thorne
Violet Flower    Serim Park
White Rabbit    Mallory Bontreger