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Delays & eLearning

The administration will do its best to announce a delay or closing/eLearning by 6:15 a.m. Families will be notified with a text, email, and phone call via our school alert system. On days your public school district is delayed or closed and Bethany is not, you should use your own judgment to decide whether to send your student to school. Delayed start and eLearning day will begin at 10:00 a.m. View schedules here.

Families can also see local school delays and closing/eLearning by going to www.wndu.com or watch the following local TV stations: WNDU-TV Channel 16, WSBT-TV Channel 22, WSJV-TV Channel 28, and ABC57 Channel 57.

Cancellation of events on late-notice (e.g. due to weather) are typically noted as cancelled on the Event Calendar and/or those most directly affected are alerted through the school alert system.

We will always attempt to give families a heads up when inclement weather is forecasted so students can make sure to have necessary supplies and technology at home. Below is the plan if Bethany has to cancel school because of weather or other foreseen event:

Students in grades 7-12 will be expected to attend classes virtually, beginning at 10am, following the schedule for that specific day.  Teachers will post video links on Google Classroom where attendance will be taken and instruction will be given. When we will meet virtually (eLearning) with our students, we will follow the delay schedule (10:00am start) for that day to give families and teachers time to make adjustments and get ready for the day.


Students in grade 6 will begin the day, 10am, by virtually meeting with their homeroom teacher using a link in Google Classroom. Teachers will review the day's assignments posted in Google Classroom and take attendance. 


Students in grades 1-5 will bring home a device if the cancellation is known in advance. Teachers will have work posted on SeeSaw, by 10am, for students to complete. If the cancellation is unexpected parents will receive an email from teachers with a link to their child’s SeeSaw account.