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Ordering School Supplies

Order your supplies at EduKit.

Have you ever wandered up and down the aisles in a store searching out the items needed for your child’s school supplies?  Do you end up going down the same aisle again and again? School supply shopping is one of my most dreaded experiences each year before school starts and there has got to be a better way to spend three hours……

Well, our Bethany PTO is again excited to offer EduKit to our community.  EduKit is a company that does the work for you at prices you can’t find in the stores.  We are now set up to again offer this service to all Bethany families for the 2023-24 school year. Just click on the link below, enter the name(s) of your child(ren), and select the grade they will be going into next year.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE!  Families that order by June 23, 2023 will have the kits for their children delivered for free to Bethany and waiting for them when school starts next August 10.  The kits include EVERYTHING they need to bring including items such as Kleenex, markers, pencils, folders, sketch books, etc.

Here are details about EduKit:

  • Supplies are at or below store prices.
  • Ordering takes 5 minutes.
  • Orders received by June 23, 2023 ship for free directly to Bethany.  They can be picked up right before school starts or will be available the first day of school.  Each student who orders has a kit packaged separately for them.
  • Kits created just for Bethany are available for grades 1-8 and high school.  Students in high school will order a basic kit that covers general needs, math, English, bible, and science.  They will then select additional classes they are signed up for and those supplies will be included.
  • Families that have multiple students will have a chance to make selections for each child.
  • There are also other optional items such as calculators, earbuds, compasses and protractors that you can order if needed.
  • NO Spanish kit is available this year, students taking HS Spanish will need to purchase required supplies on their own.