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Tuition & Financial Aid

Invest in your children’s future

What will your tuition cost?


Each family is different, with unique financial and household circumstances. At  Bethany, your tuition is unique as well-- we factor in all the variables you provide in a tuition assistance application and use a third party to calculate your tuition cost.  Because each family is unique, we cannot quickly tell you what your tuition will be, but we can share some example scenarios from our sliding scale.

Are you wondering how to afford private school for your child? Give us a call at 574-534-2567 to learn more!

The primary factors that determine your household’s tuition on our sliding scale are:

  • Choice eligibility (see below to learn more about Indiana Choice)
  • Number of children attending Bethany
  • Financial situation (assets-liabilities & income-expenses)


Thousands of parents have found Bethany to be worth the investment. We expect that will be true for your family also! 

What does variable tuition mean for your family? Families pay a wide range of tuition amounts out-of-pocket, depending on income, household size, and eligibility for scholarships, grants, and discounts. Each family’s contribution to tuition is adjusted to their unique financial situation.  Learn more about variable tuition options here.