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Enrollment for Returning Students

Thank you choosing to be a part of the Bethany community!  

Bethany uses TADS as our partner for online admissions, enrollment, document collection, financial aid applications, billing accounts, invoices and payments. You can view and complete all of these things by logging into your account at TADS.com.

To prepare for next school year

1. Review your student's enrollment information by logging into TADS.com

Parents will receive an email reminder to review your family information for any updates and to review the Continuous Enrollment Contract. As a reminder, Bethany has moved to a continuous enrollment contract that renews each school year unless the parent notifies the school in writing by March 15 regarding the following school year.  The continuous enrollment contract is available in your TADS account or here.

2. Collect and turn in enrollment documents


Collect and turn in documents that your students will need for next school year.  Depending on your family’s situation, the documents required for your students will be listed in your account at TADS.com. Documents may include:


  • tax return from most recent tax year
  • Indiana Choice Scholarship application form: download Indiana Choice Scholarship Parent Agreement form
  • GC/AMBS Employee Discount form: Download this form. (If the student received this discount last year and the parent’s employment status has not changed, this form is not needed again. The discount will be applied again the same as last year).


3. Apply for financial aid (if needed for your family)


Bethany reviews and awards financial aid grants each year based on family need and limited available school funds.  Awards do not carry over from one year to the next.

Please note that March 15 is the priority deadline and April 15 is the final deadline for financial aid applications for returning students. For information on how to apply please see the financial aid page.


4. Review your billing account

Later in the spring you will receive an email confirming a summary of your TADS billing account for next school year.

If you applied for financial aid and submitted the application and all supporting documents to TADS by March 15, you can expect to receive the financial aid award and billing account summary by June.

The payment plan and payment method in your TADS account will carry over from last year unless you contact Bethany’s business office. Monthly payment plans start in June for the next school year. Semester and annual payment plans start in July.


Additional Reference Links:

For questions about your TADS billing account, contact TADS parent support:

TADS Phone support: 1-800-477-8237; Monday – Friday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

TADS support email: [email protected]

The Bethany business office can be reached at 574-534-2567 or [email protected]

Thank you for completing the Enrollment Confirmation Process and for choosing to be a part of the Bethany community!