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Lower School

Starting at Bethany in 3rd grade allows students to experience the benefits of Bethany at a younger age—individual teacher attention, breadth of arts experience, and many hands-on learning opportunities in the classroom and on field trips.

A hands-on, innovative, differentiated learning environment characterizes the lower school classroom experience at Bethany. Teachers individualize instruction so that students receive focused attention in areas of need while allowing them to maximize their individual potential in areas of giftedness. Curriculum is based on Indiana state standards and Core Knowledge Curriculum with enrichment instruction in art, drama, computer technology, physical education, music, and beginning instruments. Each child is known and cared for and special attention is given to managing and building a positive classroom dynamic, ensuring the healthy social and emotional growth of your child.

Bible curriculum at this level focuses on students recognizing themselves as agents of God’s reconciliation and peace. Through service to others, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders encounter God at work with those in need.

Interterm: During this week-long immersive study in March, grade 3-5 students have special learning themes that are integrated into their courses with some stand-alone activities.