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J-Term 2012

Also, see links to stories on Craft of SongwritingSports Writing, and Elkhart Truth article on Korean Culture, Glee Club, and Forensic Science.

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High School Teacher
Glee Nathan Swartzendruber
Brazilian Culture  Marcelo Warkentin
Literary Chicago Michael Yeakey
Civil Rights in Mississippi Brent Reinhardt
Craft of Songwriting Eileen Becker-Hoover, Barbara Slagel
Forensic Science Calvin Swartzendruber
Technical Theater Eric Kaufmann
New Testament Dale Shenk
Middle School  
All the World's a Stage Evie Nafziger
Avast Ye Matey's Tim Lehman
Star Wars Hank Willems
Cooking Fundamentals Chriistine Stutzman
Jewelry Making Cheryl Mast
Urban Jungle Beth Grieser
Sports Writing Matt Miller
South Korea in Goshen Pastor Sang Kun Lim
Para Llevar (to carry) Juanita Hershberger

High School Courses


Students explored popular music not traditionally covered in a traditional choir class, rehearsing and performing both as a large group and in smaller ensembles (duets, trios, quartets). Musical pieces included Coldplay's “Viva La Vida”, The Beatles' “Blackbird, Mika's “Happy Ending” and Journey's “Don't Stop Believin'” as arranged by the television show Glee. The class included a trip to Chicago to see a Broadway show and to perform their pieces on some street corners for the public.


Brazilian Culture

Students explored Brazilian culture through movies, food, sports, history, music, and many other elements. The class also studied current Brazilian immigration in the United States, explored different religious faiths present in the country, racial equality, and environmental issues. A trip to Chicago allowed students to dine at a first-class Brazilian steak house.


Making Brazilian kits and then flying them.  
  Brazilian martial arts

Literary Chicago

Students studied historical images of Chicago in literature and film and visited some of the places in Chicago that they read about in their books and poetry or saw in movies. Works included the poetry of Carl Sandburg and various other modern poets; The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis; and films Cooley High, The Untouchables, Chicago (edited), and Ferris Buehler's Day Off.


Civil Rights in Mississippi

Students learned about the relationship between Mennonites, African-Americans, and Choctaw Indians in Noxubee County, Mississippi. After studying the historical relationship and general histories of all three groups, students traveled to Noxubee County to interact and experience these relationships firsthand--staying at the Mashulaville Dorm with Larry and Maxine Miller ('64).


Group at the memorial marker of slain civil rights workers near Philadelphia, Miss. The group also watched the movie Mississippi Burning, which was based off this incident.    

Craft of Songwriting

Students learned to write lyrics and compose music, created demo recordings, and learned how to copyright songs. In Nashville, Tenn., the group wrote and recorded a song with country singer James Dean Hicks and four students performed at the Bluebird Cafe open mic night. While staying at a church in Nashville, the group assisted with hosting a group of homeless men and women.


Students with country singer James Dean Hicks.

Forensic Science

Students gained an understanding of the use of science and technology in forensic testing and analysis and learned the value of forensic analysis in criminal, civil, and environmental investigations. Activities included fingerprint collection and matching, DNA analysis, testing of arson samples, tours of a crime lab and a medical examiner’s office, and guest speakers.



Technical Theater

Students gained an overview of the behind-the-scenes workings of the stage and hands-on experience in constructing an entire set from the ground up in building the set for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." They worked with various tools, paint, and machinery to create stage settings and sound and lighting effects. Students also learned the language of the theater, shop procedures and safety, and basic construction/electrical/audio techniques for theater. They also visited local theater sites to see productions and behind the stage tours.



New Testament

Students examined the life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the four gospels and as understood by the early church, with emphasis on Jesus’ nonresistance, identifying with the poor and oppressed, and extending grace to all people. The course also used the writing of Paul and the history of the early church to introduce students to the dynamics of congregational life. Below is student artwork and photos of presentations on New Testament scripture and stories.


Role playing a New Testament story

Middle School Courses

information coming in mid October

All the World's a Stage

Students experienced every aspect of putting on a one-act play, including actor’s work (blocking, character development, stage presence, voice and memorization) and technical work (sets, costumes and sound). At the end of the course, students performed their one-acxt plays for family and friends.


Avast Ye Mateys

Students learned how to use long-established and modern tools (GPS) to pinpoint the location of "treasure." They also learned about pirates (from the Golden Age of piracy to modern day).



 Star Wars

Students looked indepth into the complete Star Wars saga and how it has influenced the world.  They watched Episodes I-VI, The Clone Wars, documentaries on the making of the films, built with Star Wars Legos, researched historic similarities and parallels, made videos, and played games based on the Star Wars movies.


Fundamentals of Cooking

Students learned the fundamentals of shopping, preparing, and serving nutritional dishes, discussing discussing the importance of nutrients and the role they play in our eating habits. All students learned the importance of label reading, kitchen safety, and kitchen equipment, experienced a week of preparing foods in a lab setting, and are better educated consumers about individual nutritional needs.



 Jewerly Making

Students created hand-crafted jewelry to wear such as paper beads, resin pendants (using recycled material), and rings, with an emphasis on design and function.



 Urban Jungle

Student learned a lot of basic life skills to help them navigate the urban jungle such as how to change a tire and check fluids in a car, learn the difference between a debit and credit card, how to find the best prices when shopping for groceries or clothing, get stains out of clothes, or perform CPR. Activities also focused on spiritual growth, service, and physical fitness. In addition to some guest presenters, students visited a Goodwill store, local grocery stores, a rec–fitness center, and MCC Depot.


Sports Writing

Last second shots, exuberant fans, coaches screaming, players dazzling us with their work and skill... it there any doubt that sports are filled with energy and excitement? Sports make the perfect subject for writing, as good writing fills us with the same tension, joy, and energy as sports can! In this course students explored writing through the lens of sports. They watched games on TV, played games during class time, went o games in the evenings, and then found creative ways to tell stories about them. Class projects included writing and publishing their sports poetry, writing a children's book, a game article, a descriptive personal essay.


South Korea in Goshen

Students worked together with adults and winter camp students from South Korean to learn more about South Korea and its culture. They learned the basic Korean-alphabet, calligraphy (using Korean traditional ink and paper), Tae-Kwon-Do (Korean martial arts) Korean history and cultural elements (traditional instruments, K-pop, popular sports and games). They helped prepare (and eat) some famous Korean dishes (bul-go-gi, bi-bim-bop) and learned the steps involved in preparing the dishes by visiting a local Korean grocery store.



Para Llevar (to carry)

Students learned how people around the globe carry and hold their belongings and thought about the items that they use to carry and hold their “treasures.” Student projects included weaving a wicker basket, designing and creating an original pinch pot, duct tape wallet/purse, paper mache bowls, and pencil/pen holders.