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Sports Writing J-Term

MS students publish poetry

 “Our Father in heaven, do you care about this game? When your kingdom comes, will sport be done in heaven as it is on earth?” These beginning lines to “How Then Shall We Pray?” was one poem that Matt Miller and students in the Sports Writing J-term class published in a book of their sports poetry.

Each student selected two of the five poems they wrote during the course, and worked with each other to improve them for publication. Many poems expressed personal experience or reflection.

 During the two-week course, students also wrote articles on athletic games they watched (live and on TV) and explored other forms of sports journalism. One project was writing a descriptive essay about a personal athletic experience, in which they focused on using descriptive words to make the reader experience their story as if they were there. Each student also wrote a children’s book. Students showed their creativity with stories about zebra seahorse races, a Hail Mary incident, and a pair of lucky socks that kept shrinking.

The poetry book can be purchased online for $9—a portion of the poems can be viewed there for free.

Following is a poem by eighth-grader Alicia Thomas, “Both Sides of the Game”:

She doesn’t want laughter of being the shorty,
     nor the giggles of being the towering giant.
Doesn’t want expectation of hitting all aces,
      of leading in kills.
Just to do her best,
       on the court,
       off the court.
Nimble and graceful,
       feet getting set for a merciless spike.
Pummeling serves,
       yet fluttering soft sets.
Body made of steel,
       strong at heart,
       strong at mind.
Forgiving simple mistakes,
       while waiting her turn.