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Alumni Weekend 2016

The 8th annual alumni weekend was held Sept. 24, 2016.
More than 200 alumni, plus spouses, children, and some former faculty, attended the weekend, which included class reunions (for classes ending in 6 or 1), tours of the school, an evening banquet, and children’s activities. The farthest distance traveled was from Germany (Sandra Blosser '86). Other attendees came from 16 states and 1 Canadian province.
Quite a few double alum attended with the longest married being Marvin '56 and Mary Ellen '57 (Kaufman) Miller at 59 years! Marvin says, "My two years at Bethany (1954-56) were the two most influential years of my young life. The lasting friendships, the opportunities afforded me to discover, use and strengthen my talents and abilities were very influential in shaping me into the kind of person I became....one who believes that a life spent in service for Christ is most meaningful and most effective."
For class reunion photos click on the year:

Left to right:

Front: Doris (Litwiller) Webber, Ada (Troyer) Beachy-Hooley, Ruby (Slabach) Hochstedler, Marlene (Grabill) Eash, Marilyn (Hooley) Miller, Phyllis (Eigsti) Troyer

Back: Marvin L. Miller, Lloyd Hartman, Marion Yoder, Charles Yoder, Loren Stauffer, Charlene (Borntrager) Stutzman

Not pictured but in attendance: Sylvia (Steiner) Miller

Left to right:
Front: Verna Kaufman, Jean (Lehman) Moyer, Nancy L. (Yoder) Nofziger, Carol (Hartzler) Grieser, Josie (Guedea) Jamin, Rachel (Leichty) Pittman, Carolyn (Dye) Marquand.
Middle: Dwight E. Grieser, Donald P. Schrock, Rollin J. Newcomer, Judy (Kauffman) Kennel, Irma (Yoder) Stutzman, Lauretta (Ramer) Hoover, Diana (Burkey) Weldy, Betty (Mullet) Hochstetler
Back: Lavon Welty, Bob Brenneman, Paul Nunemaker, Amos Hostetler, Duane Stutzman, Warren J. Yoder, Loren Miller, Wilbur Hershberger, Charles Kauffman.

Left to right:

Row 1 (front): Dee Helmuth Birkey, Verna Miller, Rose Kulp Shirk, Rosie Stoltzfus Hartzler, Ginny Davidhizer Birky, Lois Johns Kaufmann, Myra Nafziger Oswald, Jeanne Shrock Riegsecker, Marty Yoder Miller

Row 2: Rex Tyson, Joan Zehr Link, Georgia Miller Davis, Willie VanVeen Beardall, Cheryl Fogleman Mundle, Vera Metzler Leinbach, Ruth Mishler Basinger, Agnes Brubaker Cross, Barb Miller, Lena Troyer Delegrange, Bev Milne Hershberger, Pat Kauffman Yoder

Row 3: Verda Weaver, Ray Yoder, Jerry Slabaugh, John Birkey, Henry Miller, Dave Leinbach, Bob Troyer, Charles Cross, Bev Stutzman Snyder, Carlyle Kuhns, Leon Miller

Row 4: Dennis Stichter, Dennis Yoder, Stan Huffman, Carl Graber, Dave Johnson,  Del Yoder


Left to right

Front:  Jane Stoltzfus Buller, Fern (Sommers) Delagrange, Judy (Weaver) King, Jean (Stoltzfus) Martin, Becky (Bontrager) Horst, Nancy A. Baker, Warren M. Yoder

Back: Jim Buller, Pat (Troyer) Weaver, Lola (Albrecht) Gingerich, Merrill Gingerich, Jeannette (Miller) Teall, Dennis Yoder, Harry Funk, Lance Yoder, Dennis Gongwer.


Left to right:

Front: Sam Burkholder, Annette Britton, Becky (Miller) Holcomb, Leavett Wofford

Back: David King, Christine Bowen, Karen (Burkey) Mishler


Left to right:

Front: Paul Steury, Deb (Fisher) Sweetser, John Blosser, Brenda (Stoltzfus) Toews, Brenda (Hooley) Nebel, John Mast

Back: Karen (Yoder) Wyse, Phil Hertzler, John Hooley, Brent Miller, Jeff Hartzler, Starla Graber, Ray Stutzman


Left to right: Kent Dutchersmith, Cynthia (Friesen) Coyle, Michelle Lehman, Sandra Blosser, Beth (Bare) Hawn


Left to right:

Front: Tim Swartzendruber, Deidre (Summerton) Bias, Brad Weirich, Eric Martin, Erich Miller

Back: Jennifer Shell, Brian Yoder, Rosetta Stoltzfus Landis, Ryan Miller, Paul Stauffer


Left to right:

Back:  Kevin Nice, Dana Blough, Melissa Fisher Fast, Sheila (Delagrange) Moser, Sam Richardson, Aaron Berkey

Front: Chris Black, Curtis Burkholder, Anne Horst Hanby, Karen (Martin) Schiedel, Becky (Wieand) Bateman, Jim Neff


Left to right:

Front: Sarah (Yoder) Yoder, Jen (Gingrich) Myers, Justin Ramer, Dan Brubaker Horst, Kyle Thomas

Back: Seth Yoder, Jonathan Fridley, Jeff Claassen, Mariko (Miyama) Claassen


Left to right:

Front: Beth Glick, Kelsie Friesen Miller, Jonna S. Buller, Christina (DeLeeuw) Giles, Kristen (Fath) Huffman

Back: Jenni (Miller) Sears, Andy Shenk, Mark Bauman, Evan Heusinkveld, David Pettifor, Josh Hochstetler


Left to right:

Front: Joel Yoder, Mattie Lehman, Sharisse Yoder, Benjamin Mast, Kyle Miller, Benjamin Bontreger, Scott Weaver

Back: Cory Bowman, Ali Hochstetler, Twila Albrecht, Lauren Hooley, Mandy Schlabach, Brandon Sharkey, Nik Diaz, Benjamin Aaron Miller