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Alumni Weekend 2012

The fourth annual alumni weekend was held Sept. 21-22, 2012.
Nancy Eash Myers ('62) talks with Leonard Gross (Faculty 1959-64).
Approximately 230 alumni, former faculty, spouses, and children attended the weekend, which included class reunions (for classes ending in 2 or 7), tours of the school, an evening banquet, children’s activities, and complimentary admission to the Bethany-Westview boys soccer game (Bethany won 3-1).
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Class of '57 at 2012 reunion. Row 1: Evelyn (Birkey) Yoder, Janet (Troyer) Weaver, Rachel (Bixler) Guedea, Grace (Sommers) Whitehead, Melba (Weaver) Martin; row 2: Shirley (Crilow) Albrecht, Marvin Yoder, Ralph Hartman, Donald Newcomer.


Class of '62 at 2012 reunion: row 1 Nancy (Eash) Myers, Gretchen (Honderich) Yoder, Idella (Borntrager) Otto, Judy (Schrock) Stephenson, Andrea (Eash) Yeager, Melba (Good) Miller, Carol (Dintamin) Birky, Carol Lehman; row 2 Charlene Brown, Faye (Mosemann) Yoder, Janet Steiner, Julia (Weaver) Kennell, Mary Ann (Miller) Suter. Arlene (Koch) Holdeman, Ruby (Stoltzfus) Nofziger, Betty (Slabach) Hite, Cynthia (Slabach) Stauffer, Nancy (Troyer) Yoder, Janis (Yoder) Erb, Elaine (Snyder) Yoder, Linda Slabaugh, Eileen (Stichter) Eash; row 3 Wayne Risser, Lowell Nunemaker, Dana Sommers, Wayne Davidhizar, Leroy Cross, Rodney Weaver, Vernon Hoover, Bob Buzzard, Stan Kulp, David R Miller, Lloyd Kauffman, Johnathan Billheimer


Class of '67 at 2012 reunion: row 1 Shirley (Brenneman) Bontrager, Maria Smedzwick, JoAnn (Troyer) Garber, Jean (Davidhizar) Griffin, Jane (Cripe) Schrock; row 2 Mary Ann (Lehman) Wieand, Craig Garber, Jay Hershberger, Ruth (Miller) Summers


Class of '67 at 2012 reunion women's lunch: front,Maria Smedzwick, Ruth (Miller) Summers, Shirley (Brenneman) Bontrager, JoAnn (Troyer) Garber, Rosie (Birkey) Miller; back, Jean (Davidhizar) Griffin, Jan (Horst) Graber, Jane (Cripe) Schrock, Diana (Nafziger) Hershberger, Cindy (Hooley) Troyer, Kay (Troyer) Schrock

1972 no photo

Class of '77 at 2012 reunion: row 1, Becky (Maust) Schwartzentruber, Ronda (Christophel) Miller, Judy (Hollinger) Bontrager, Anita (Martin) Yoder, Betts (Helmuth) McFarren, Anna (Miller) Beachy, Mable (Bontrager) Mendoza; row 2. Dave Schwartzentruber, Mike Metzler, Rich Yoder, Anita (Hoover) Miller, Diane (Leatherman) Yoder, Keith Miller, Marcella Hershberger; row 3, Paul Hochstetler, Grant Maust, Kevin Hochstetler, Mike Slabaugh, Marlin Lambright, Wes Bontreger, Dan Ganger


Class of '82 at 2012 reunion: row 1, Gordon Stichter, Tony King, Kirk Hoover, Ed Crowder, Marcus Beachy, Carey Miller; row 2, Roma Jo (Martin) Miller, Cheryl (Bontrager) Fickus, Ann (Minter) Fetters, Cindy (Bontrager) Hawkins, Cheryl (Miller) Beachey, Jenny (Miller) Hooley, Diane (Steury) Maust

Class of '87 at 2012 reunion: row 1, Marlis (Farmwald) Chupp, Lynda Nyce, Judy Clemens Smucker, Jenny Smeltzer, Lois Hochstetler, Robin (Miller) Mullett; row 2, Scott Schmucker, Julie (Hochstetler) Van Oss, Debbie (Yoder) Nelson, Lori (Kauffman) Nordman, Lisa (Stauffer) Mayen, Dawn (Hochstetler) Weaver, Gail (Eash) Schrock. Janet Moyer; row 3 Leisa Kauffmann, Kent Steiner, Trent Bontrager, Daniel Diener, Gary Chupp, Dave Hockman-Wert, Jeremy Kropf, Doug Friesen
Class of '92 at 2012 reunion: front, Jen Christophel, Lenora Hirschler, Laura (Yoder) Moshier, Trina (Mullet) Siegrist, Michelle (Kauffman) Strite; back, Mary (Yoder) Chamberlin, Audrey (Schultz) Buenrostro, Kent Myers, Jon Shenk, Mike Bodiker
Class of '97 at 2012 reunion: front, Wendy (Yoder) Nice, Cordelia Nance, Mary Garboden, Jessica (Bontreger) Lapp; back, Aaron Graber, Michael Stellingwerf, Carmen Kingsley, Audrey Eash, Jay Lapp.
Class of 2002 at 2012 reunion: front, Becca Shantz, Sonia J. Oswald, Libby Short, Sarah Thompson; back, Josh Anderson, Vanessa (Mishler) Adcock, Justin Grossman, Kristen (Oswald) Hochstetler, Kevin Hochstetler, Katrina Maust.
Class of 2007 at 2012 reunion: front, Martin Brubaker, Simon Smucker, Phil Weaver Stoesz, Keren (Martin) Klassen, Wes Klassen, Lucas Nafziger; back, Nathan Hostetler, Phil Shenk, Aaron Shenk, Kurt Neufeld, Trisha Handrich, Hannah Roth, Alicia Schwartzentruber
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Class of 2002 members Josh Anderson (center) and Kevin Hochstetler.
Sarah Thompson ('02) talks with Renae Yoder (faculty 1996-) about her Christian Peacemaker Team assignment.
Class of '87 members Kent Steiner, Leisa Kauffmann, and Jeremy Kropf chat with Royal Bauer (faculty 1955-88).
Bethany's Student Body Association provided childcare during part of the afternoon and the banquet. The children enjoyed their own pizza supper and had opportunity to play games in the gym, use computers, and watch a movie.